Chapter Closing

Our March 7th meeting will be our final meeting as we say goodbye to our president of 18 years, Donna Glover.

Please join us at 5:30pm for a farewell get-together. Refreshments will be served.


HLAA stands for Hearing Loss Association of America. HLAA is the nation's foremost organization representing consumers who are hard of hearing. The Binghamton Chapter of HLAA shares the mission of the National HLAA organization: to enhance the quality of life for people who are hard of hearing. HLAA strives to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy. If you or someone you care about has a hearing loss, we can help. Our programs often feature speakers who address the concerns, needs, and hopes of people with hearing loss and their friends and families. Anyone is welcome to join us. Our members come from all walks of life and from many age groups.

Meetings We meet the first Wednesday of every month (except January, July and August) at 6:30 P.M. Our meetings are held at the: Johnson City Senior Center 30 Brocton Street Johnson City, NY Handicap Accessible .
Meeting held in craft room that has an induction loop.

For more information, call Donna at (607) 427-0186 or e-mail us at   Click Here for a Map


You can join HLAA National by clicking here.

The Complications of Growing Up Bionic

When I was nine, my class went on a field trip to a sensory research lab. A local TV crew came along as part of a human interest story on what schoolchildren thought about animal testing. It must’ve been a really slow news week. All of my classmates mugged for the camera as the crew filmed us, thrilled at the prospect of fame, as modest as it might’ve been. When the reporter asked for volunteers for on-camera interviews, everyone’s hands went up, including mine. The smartly dressed reporter smiled and pointed at me. She picked me! I was chosen!

Friends of the Forum to Loop Their Venue

Friends of the Forum are in the process of fundraising in order to install an induction loop.

Friends of the forum looping story.

Afton Sertoma & Binghamton HLAA Loop

Once a month, a group of community-minded individuals meet in the dining room of Afton United Methodist Church on Spring Street to discuss the concerns of hearing health in the Southern Tier.

Now, they have a mechanism to aid that discussion.

Senior Picnic at BCC

June 21, 2017 Ice Center BCC, 901 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905

Convention 2017

June 22 - 25 Salt Lake City, UTah

Hearing Loss Association of America Hosts the HLAA Convention 2017

Find out more about the convention and register now!

October Hockey Night with the B-Sens

October hockey night

Jeanne Fredriksen, MED-EL Outreach Manager

Jeanne Fredriksen, MED-EL Outreach Manager

Jamie Sklarski, Audiologist

Jamie Sklarski, Audiologist.


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